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bunt.punkt in a nutshell
Interviews - Documentation - Communication

As a Sociologist I prepare biografies
with focus on issues related to integration.


What it is about  Integration is an urgent issue in many European and non-European countries and it needs to be addressed at many levels. At bunt.punkt we support integration by preparing documentation for various agencies working in the field to use in developing and adjusting strategies and in public relations efforts. bunt.punkt focuses on the positive, on the benefits of the integration process and its impact on society as a whole. Our perception is that it is an enriching and, at the same time, a “normal” process.

Solution  We compile individual biographies of people with an immigrant background and use the interviews to portray the complex life  stories that evolve in the migration process. Thus, the process is described holistically and the individual behind it becomes visible. Examples of best practice are published to promote public interest and understanding.

The procedure  An individual guideline is developed for each interview. It might focus on a specific field such as education, work or culture. The audio narrative is converted into a written account that pictures social conditions and socio-political correlations. A short analysis structures the results. This can serve as the basis for the development of further products for public relations work: web texts, articles for newspapers, brochures, flyer, roll-ups, small books or a short video.

Advantage  The impacts of your programmes and initiatives become tangible. The outcome of the documentation offers an opportunity for reflection. Conclusions for new approaches or the adaption of strategies can be drawn. The strengths and weaknesses of the often entangled personal stories become visible. Social functions become comprehensible at the macro level and, at the micro level, the personal advancement is mapped. At the same time, the interviewees become voices that contribute to opening up the narrow perspective of many segments of society.

My story  I am a professional social researcher with comprehensive experience from living and working abroad. In addition, I have specialized in qualitative social research methods and worked in different settings and structures. As a result, I have a keen  understanding of people, their stories and relationships. I can put together a package to make achievements with integration deeply significant and ready for release to a wider public.    

Additionally I offer conference coverage, editorial work, analytical processing, proofreading and editing.



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